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The Tire Art Of Yong Ho JiDeath by Party | The Tire Art Of Yong Ho Ji

Oh Hai,

It’s my turn to grapple with foreign language translations and mysterious enigmatic asian artists. I introduce you to Yong Ho Jin.  I can tell you Yong Ho Jin is from Korea, is represented by The Gana Gallery in Seoul aaaaaand thats about it.  Like Mr. Jam yesterday, I could try and contact the gallery, try and track down Yong Ho Jin and try and find out what makes him/her tick. But I won’t, instead I will contemplate putting on pants and going to buy cat food.

And really, does the face of the artist matter? I contend, not if they are actually talented. (Fuck you Andy Warhol) And Yong Ho Jin is TALENTED. The recycled tire art sculptures are awe inspiring and epic. Tiger blood pulses through this warlocks veins and anyone who is lucky enough to see these in person WINS.

There are some interesting articles on the portfolio site about the mutation of sculpture, the evolution of art from it’s environment and Yong Ho Jin’s use of post industrial refuse to comment on our impending doom. But my cat is really hungry so I’ll let you take in these sick monsters and then you can chase down real knowledge on your own time.

kay bye,

-Maryanne Faithless

 Check out his portfolio

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