Stop Hating On Cracker Rap

Death by Party | Oh, That White Girl Mob…

I grew up on hip hop. My mother was playing old school shit while I was in the cradle. I was sucking on a tit to Grand Master Flash. Whodini. T-SKI. I’ve watched the scene grow, change, mutate… some for the better, but mostly for the worse.

My favorite artists are the one’s who are just having a good time, but even more so than that I love the rappers who manage to piss everyone off. Enticing people into drama is an art unto itself.

Enter Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob.

My peoples are getting straight up hostile over these chicks. “White girls getting crunk? Naw dog”.

Why u mad tho?

Honestly for right or wrong, in all truth Hip Hop may have never even taken off if it wasn’t for white girls. Remember Blondie? Most of America never heard of rap until Rapture.

In any case, hate all you want, but I think Kreayshawn and her crew are dope as shit. And by dope as shit, I mean I want to bang them.

Check out their tracks, let the hate flow and discuss below.

-Marcus Aubrey

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  1. fuck that says:

    Oh no, I can totally continue to hate the white girl mob. Someone please put these bitches down like sad dogs.

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