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Ryan McElhinney Toy Decor

Death by Party | Ryan McElhinney Toy Decor

Every time my girlfriend comes over, she gives me shit. I’ve suffered several lectures about my “arrested development.” You know the usual “stop playing video games, stop collecting toys and grow up” stuff. She screams and cries that I’m a man child who embarrasses her in public with with my wee wee problems. I’m screeched and clawed at because my living room is decorated in the latest Mutant Ninja Turtle decor and have Tie Fighters hanging over my bed. My television has been kicked in and my Xbox was smashed with a hammer because I was late to a movie.  I’ve been shocked twice the taser I BOUGHT HER and once she branded me with a hot pocket knife.

Well, how ironic that I overhear her and her friends gushing over Ryan Mcelhinney’s recycled toy decor. The edgy UK designer takes action figures coated in a “high gloss polyurethane lacquer” and designs  clocks, mirrors & lamps. For once I agree with her on an issue of interior design. She asked me to commission a lamp from Mcelhinney for her birthday. I’m sure when I point out to her that Swellco & Swellco doesn’t even pay me, things will get ugly again.

Love can be expensive, and painful.

-Kevin Dalton
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