Kaneda, Damn You To Hell

Rotobox Parallel Works Akira Reboot By Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

Death by Party | Rotobox Parallel Works Akira Reboot By Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

Spencer Ong over at Rotobox Viinyl Anatomica dropped us a line with a peek at the first of their new Rotobox Parallel Works series. The concept is simple, they take a cool pop culture character and then toss it into a parallel universe. In this case, they took the Kaneda’s iconic red bike from the classic anime, Akira, and morphed it into a type of sleek mech. The detail on this piece is hot and it’s got just enough children’s toy vibe to make your niece or nephew cry because they want to touch it. (fucking not likely kid)

Speaking of Akira and torturing little children. Akira was the first R rated movie I went to. A stoner babysitter stole me away when I was five years old to meet her boyfriend at the theatre. My over zealous mother called the cops, the FBI and I think the National Guard when she came home and we were gone. I really only remember bits of the movie, The bike races, the huge cityscapes and thinking Tetsuo had really fun hair. I do vividly remember the baby sitter being thrown to the ground by cops outside a coffee shop and sitting in the back of the cop car. Guess she should have just kept her legs closed and let me stay home and play with my toys.

True story. Anyway, be sure to check out the dope pics and then be sure to check out their site.

-Felicia Jackson

Photos courtesy of http://rotoboxvinylanatomica.com


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