Candy Curves With A Wet Dream On Top

Old School Erosty Pop! Tees By Rockin’ JellybeanOld School Erosty Pop! Tees By Rockin’ Jellybean

Death by Party | Old School Erosty Pop! Tees By Rockin’ Jellybean

The artist Rockin’ Jellybean is an enigma, it’s not just that he always wears a luchador mask, as much as it is that he is Japanese. (culturally this automatically makes him fucked up, right?) Rockin’ Jellybean has been at it for years. In the 90’s during the heyday of indie poster rock art, he tore it up. In the 00’s he started a sick apparel company called Erosty Pop!  Now he’s moved back to Japan and established a much larger expansive design company with epic artists Lowhide & Yoichiro called Erostika.  It’s not at all clear what happened to the L.A. based Erosty Pop! Maybe it closed shop and Rockin Jellybean started fresh, maybe it merged with Erostika. I can’t really say because the new site is in Japanese and google translator, is, well, not completely flawless. If I was a competent journalist instead of a stoned blogger I would write them and find out the story. Alas, I am not.

Either way, I scored an Erosti Pop! tee off of Ebay, (photo above) and you should be jealous. I am also including some other Rockin’ Jellybean pics bellow which I am sure will get us some angry email. Yes, people actually knowingly go on Swellco & Swellco and decide to write us angry mail about how naked girls are evil or we are evil because we like naked girls.   God knows Rockin’ Jellybean loves them too. His work is some of the most over sexualized images ever printed.

When I think of Rockin Jellybean I think of my two immediate overlords, I mean managers. R.E. Brown would say “Sex is art.” J. Black would say, “Art is money.” You put the two together and you have Rockin Jellybean.

Check out the Erostika site in all of it’s indecipherable grandeur.

– Jimi Jam

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