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The Prince Vs. Michael Jackson Expirience

Death by Party | The Prince Vs Michael Jackson Experience

So- if Prince & Michael Jackson had ever been involved in a knife fight- who comes out the winner? For reasons other than the obvious, I’m going to side with Prince. Despite his religious handicaps- he’s a lot more hot blooded (no pun intended). Walking around with all of that testosterone, making women everywhere want to procreate- hot. Plus, being the tiny man that he is, I naturally assume he got into a good scrap or two on occasion. He must have learned something along the way.

Now, if there was some kind of pop battle and the Jackson clan got into it with Prince & his legion of protégés, who comes out on top? For me, that’s tough because Prince has some hard broads, but the Jackson’s have LaToya, and she’s crazy. She could snap her fingers and Sheila E. would drop to the floor like a wet towel. Plus there’s the “Beat It” video with that fighting dance montage. The plot thickens…

Anyway, there’s this party going around that answers these questions- metaphorically. And it travels, so it might be in your hood next. It’s worth checking out for sure, and if someone’s having an especially good evening, you might just get to hear Apollonia 6.

Check them out to see when they’ll be in your city

C U Next Tuesday,

-Helen Harper


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