Smooth As Milk

Porcelain - Philadelphia Model, Burlesque Performer

Death by Party | Burlesque Star: Porcelain

At Swellco & Swellco, we like flesh.

We like flesh of all flavor and varieties, but we find the flesh of professional model and performer Porcelain to be particularly entrancing. Her strong dark eastern Slavic features offset by smooth milky white skin just push all kind of buttons here at the office. And it should go without saying we hope we get the opportunity to work with the beauty soon.

For those of you in the Philly area, you can get a chance to work with her this afternoon at Dr. Sketchy’s at World Cafe, where she’s modeling for artists 3pm-6pm. $15 bucks. For those elswhere, you can catch more of Porcelain here or here.

-Kevin Dalton

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