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Death by Party | Phantasmagoria Circus Side Show

When you’re a die-hard adrenaline junkie and constant thrill-seeker… it’s hard not be be jaded with most so-called nightlife.
C’mon, I work for this company.You know, the office where obscene freak-show antics are the equivalent water cooler banter.  I’ve seen side show upon side show, block-head upon block-head, fire breather upon fire breather…

So what’s so special about Phantasmagoria Circus?

Well for starters, they’re really good looking. I know that’s shallow, but other than Betty Bloomerz of Squidling Bros. (girl crush), most of these side show folks – while charming – aren’t so nice to to look at. Ringmaster Alejandro DuBois? Hot. Aerialist Mariana Mystique? Hot. Fire-eater-hula-performer-stilt-walker-burlesque-dancer MacKenzie Moltov? Hot. Daredevil Joe Lunchbox? Uh.. Entertaining.

Not too mention their choice of venue here in Philly, Bookspace, is a pretty amazing place to showcase their acts. Imagine a giant warehouse full of  books, stacked higher than your head, whilst clowns and freaks dance with fire… realizing a wrong move could – in theory – bring about a holocaust of paper and flame.

Check out the video below for more, or if you’re in or near Philly check them out tonight, August 5th at Bookspace on Frankford Avenue.

-Felicia Jackson

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