Why Hoakser Is Going To Get Me Fired Part 2

Custom Spray Cans By Hoakser

Death by Party | Custom Spray Cans By Hoakser

Bellow are the dope photos that were sent to us documenting a crazy clown graffiti mural by UK artist Hoakser. These are the pics that sent me on my spiraling down my obsessive rabbit hole and is going put me on thin ice with management for breaking an ass load of new writing guidelines.

It’s not clear if Hoakser himself sent the photos or if it was someone else. (The photos are also posted on his blog.) All the message said was “You are worthy of Hoakser.” My initial response was “Reeeaaallly, but is Hoakser worthy of us?” Then I looked at the photos, then I clicked on the link. And yes, yes Hoakser really is worthy of us, and yes we are worthy of Hoakser.

I’ve included a set of his custom spray cans too. I feel remiss for not writing on his spray can sculptures, his sticker sets, his paintings, his prints…

Check out Hoakser’s site here.

-Felicia Jackson

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