Why Hoakser Is Going To Get Me Fired

Hoakser hand painted custom toy collection

Death by Party | Custom Vinyl Toy Collection By Hoakser

Someone emailed us some photos of UK graffiti art Hoakser, these photos have sparked an obsession in me and left me running the risk of getting in hot water.

Life in the office of Swellco & Swellco can be pretty dangerous. Bottle rockets are known to go off, clothing is optional and the dreaded Mr. Black often wields a John Holmes dildo like a billy club. I was actually shot with a bb gun once while on a coffee break. But there has been some attempt to reign in the madness as this gelatinous creative mess slowly starts to form into a cohesive company.

We recently had some guidelines laid out and I think I broke most of them.
-Preference should be given towards artists, products and events in our two cities. Wrong city? How about wrong country. Check.
-Posts should not feature the same topic twice in one month. How about two in one day? Check.
-Posts featuring a single artist should not feature multiple topics or products. Bellow are some of his jaw dropping custom vinyls and then I’m going to post his graffiti mural and a custom spray can series. Check, check, check.

Time to brace for my pink slip and or dildo beating. Wish me luck.

Check out Hoaksers site here.

-Felicia Jackson

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