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Harley Quinn PVC Catsuit by Artifice Clothing

Death by Party | Harley Quinn PVC Catsuit By Artifice Clothing

During the first of many pursuits of higher education- one of my most important lessons was learning to embrace the “nerd” within. Every day at 4:00 PM I would park my ass in the papasan chair, turn on the WB and turned my stoned gaze to another episode of “Batman: the Animated Series.”  Being the Riot Grrrrrl that I was back in those days (I know, I know- I’m dating myself, but thanks to a delicious cocktail of botox & collagen it’s irrelevant), I immediately connected to the “devil may care” sexpot innocence of Harley Quinn.  Of course she was a thieving, murdering villainess, but she did do it all in the name of love. And in all honesty, which of us hasn’t done all the right things for a very wrong guy at least once in their lives?  Anyway, she touches one of few soft spots in my otherwise uncaring self, and the costume, well, I think it’ll be perfect for weekends in the country, trips to the supermarket or casual Friday at the office.    Webster’s defines the harlequin as a buffoon- put this on & prove them all wrong.

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C U Next Tuesday,

-Helen Harper

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