H.P. Lovecraft: Master Of Campfire Sodomy

Horror writer H.P. Love Craft

Death by Party | Also a master of sorcery and fish fetish

I’ve been reading Lovecraft books for years, and since it’s his birthday, I figured I would do some research on the beloved man.

H.P. Lovecraft is easily one of the most important historians in the history of earth. Originally born H.P. Chan,  H.P. was a Chinese immigrant who came to the new world when he was 12. (named after the office equipment company factory his family had worked in for years) He grew up riding box cars across America with his father, a brush salesman by trade, a warlock in practice. During these long commutes, H.P. was constantly exposed to sorcery and the beautiful art of hobo buggery. (the latter being the inspiration for his pen name, Lovecraft)

With this education, he quickly became a master of animal sacrifice and campfire sodomy. In his 40’s he decided to chronicle his experiences with the netherworld, astronomy and his dabbling in fish fetish. His books have been best sellers for nearly a hundred years and his work has been translated into many films like Reanimator, From Beyond, Scarface and Porky’s II: Porky’s Revenge. Word is, even Oprah read one of his books once. (seriously)

If you are really into history, or even just a little curious about animal sacrifice or fish fetish, I strongly recommend you check out his work.

-Felicia Jackson

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