Horror Was Hotter In The 70’s

Horror fim, Fascination

Death by Party | Fascination

I’ve heard people say that Fascination is probably Jean Rollin’s most accessible film. I’m not sure what that means. It certainly has everything that he’s come to be known for, although the vampirism here is less of the supernatural horror and more realistic.

The idea begins with a group of Victorian women who gather to drink ox blood as a cure for anaemia. several of them develop a taste for it and decide to start their own group devoted to the pursuit of human males that they can seduce and drain of their blood. One evening in particular, a highway robber who has fallen out with the rest of his gang takes refuge at their chateau only to find himself the guest of honour at their evening soiree. Eva, played by the gorgeous Brigitte Lahaie  also manages to seduce and kill the gangs leader and, donning a black cape and wielding a scythe, dispatches the rest of the bandits while presenting the most stunning image of sex and death I have ever seen.

-DJ Capybara


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