I Have A Dream, And It’s Been Realized

Skate Deck Series By Dissizit

Death by Party | Skate Deck Series By Dissizit

We have dozens and dozens of half finished posts sitting in our drafts section. This morning I was sifting through them and came across these decks from Dissizit. They were a sneak preview for 2011. Ooops.

For what ever reason, the late great Acid Squid had put it in the ear of management that we should avoid skate decks.  We’ve been getting away with busting a lot of management balls lately, but I know at some point we will push it too far. Directly criticizing the semi sainted deceased is extremely risky, so I will walk gingerly through my disagreement with him and simply repeat my past objection. If our mission is to simply find and feature the sickest, most epic shit out there, why  would we avoid some of the best art mediums?

I guess they kinda forgot this rule because Mr. Jam had snuck in a deck a few weeks ago, I’m sure we can all guess why got it posted.  Well I’m going to go ahead and post these come and gone Dizzizit! decks along with some newer ones that are out. I’m going to hit “pending publish” and see if they slip into the public’s eye for some intense window fapping.

Be sure to see what else they’ve got too.

-Kevin Dalton

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