The Best Kind Of Coney Island Shit Show

This Or That- The Burlesque Game Show

Death by Party | This Or That- The Burlesque Game Show

Most people try and flee the city durning the summer time. Identical cookie cutter Jersey and Delaware shore towns are flooded with the crush of humanity who wanta to show off their fat burnt asses as they stuff their faces with funnel cakes and hot sausage. It’s what good memories and bad dreams are made of. But the best shore town is the first shore town.

The summer season is Coney Island season, it’s when dirty heaven shines the brightest, and it’s almost over. There is a lot of talk about how it’s all changing and ending. After all, Astroland went down, the condos are going up… maybe shit really will never be the same, maybe it will just be different.

Another piece of mega awesome coming to an end this year is This And That, America’s Favorite Game Show. Some might see this as another end times sign for the most unique enclave in the country, but I don’t think so. This and That has been around for ten years and it’s not like they are being run out of town. The burlesque tradition in Coney is strong and I have no doubt this will not  be the last we hear of The Great Fredini, the ultra hot Julie Atlas Muz or any of the other sick fucks involved in that orgy of creative perversion.

If you can, go see it tonight, it is probably one of the best game show concepts I’ve ever seen.

Be sure to check out there site for more sneak peeks.

-Felicia Jackson

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