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Business Cat Meme

Death by Party | Everyone Loves Business Cat

I hate my boss. I hate him with a passion. I don’t want to name names here, so we will just call him “Robert Eric Brown.” Everyday, I fantasize about putting draino in coffee or stabbing his eye out with my letter opener. I’m not sure how much more of him I can endure.

I wish Business Cat were my boss. I wouldn’t even mind if he were to paw at my chest or ask for a back rub. I’d probably even take him home with me, if it meant a promotion. I would get my posts done on time and work extra hours helping with the the event listings. I know Business Cat wouldn’t dismiss my ideas or throw wasabi peas at my face to amuse himself. If Business Cat were my boss, I would bring him cat nip every day, comb his fur and drown him in the toilet. If Business Cat was my boss, I would make a merkin out of his hide and steal his checks.

Please rescue me, Business Cat.

-Louise LaTease

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