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M. Scott Whitson Digitally altered Photography

Death by Party | The Photography Of M. Scott Whitson 

There is nothing as cool as as watching the development of a talented artist. I met Mike Whitson several years ago. I was the director of an edgy art collective called the Family of Shame Subversive Arts Conglomerate. It was a juried collective, and as anyone operating a juried collective will tell you, good artists are had to find. Mike had just graduated from art school, but he was in it to win it and I was blown away. That and he professionally goes by his initial, I like that too.

Since that time I watched Mike develop his stunning photo manipulated style and become a hot commodity. His technique has been imitated by so many lesser talents that his look and feel has literally become it’s own genre of photography.

Mike did a shoot for another project I was pitching a couple of years ago. We needed promo picks, what we go were grand portraits (two posted bellow) that make me look larger than life, and I’m okay with that.  But mikes talents are such, that he could make a crack head or a hobo look iconic.

Don’t believe me? Well  check out  his madness

-R.E. Brown

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