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Kieth Rein Penis Bottle Opener

Death by Party | The P Is For Penis Bottle Openers By Keith P. Rein

Kieth Rein Penis Bottle OpenerKieth Rein Penis Bottle OpenerKieth Rein Penis Bottle Opener

My girlfriend is into the whole Etsy folksy arts craftsy DIY stuff. I am not. It’s just not my thing. She likes to forward me lame dog sweaters and shitty landscape paintings to irritate my oh so refined sense of artistic snobbery. But recently she sent me something I’m really obsessed with. The P is for Penis bottle openers.

Artist Keith P. Rein’s Etsy shop entitled The P is for Penis features the Athen’s GA artists oil paintings, shockingly inexpensive prints and of course the dopest bottle openers ever produced. There is virtually no information on Rein but the descriptions of each piece kills. Check out what he had to say about the print entitled “Han Cholo”

L.A native and smuggler, Han Cholo can be found chill’n near the beach with his Chihuahua, Chewbacca. He maintains his good looks and quick wit with his favorite burrito, “the Greedo Wrap,” from a local taco truck. He’s known on his side of the planet for his attitude and chest piece of the Lady Leia.

Shit, I’m sold.

Be sure to check out the site and pick something out.

-Kevin Dalton

Kieth Rein Penis Bottle Opener

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