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Death by Party | Kriminal

Inspired by my recent discovery of a collection of Italian Kriminal comics from the local thrift shop, I discovered and managed to track down a version of the first Kriminal film. It was no surprise, given the popularity of the character that a film would be made, and I had quite high hopes for it. I had visions of it being just as stylish and fun as Danger: Diabolik and with Umberto Lenzi at the helm, it seemed like a no brainer that it would be a sweet viewing experience from start to finish.

So why don’t you hear as much about it. Because it’s DULL, that’s why. It doesn’t help that the story line is confusing as hell, but I kind of put that down to just me being tired, I mean, I’ve put up with crazy ass story lines before. But it was all I could do to stay awake, and in fact I actually gave up on it near after about an hour. Long boring dialogue, long boring Bancò gambling scenes. The only thing that kept me going for so long was sexy Helga Liné, lighting up the screen whenever she comes on and a groovy soundtrack by Roberto Pregadio. There is some nice imagery and nicely composed shots, but that’s not why you watch a film. I’m debating wether or not to check out the sequel. Has anybody out there seen it?

-DJ Capybara

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