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Death by Party | Ghana Movie Posters

Sometimes great finds and inspirations come from taking a shit.  Let me elaborate. I was taking a shit yesterday… and flipping through an old Playboy. It’s the ultimate taking a shit magazine. Cute naked girls and lots of obscure gadget reviews for the quick in and out. Short stories if you get, ugh, sucked in and the occasional worth while article for the days when you are going to be awhile.  Yesterday I was flipping pages and suddenly exposed to the art of Ghana Movie Posters.

This toilet bowl epiphany sent me to the computer for some research and the discovery of a whole artistic movement I wasn’t aware of. In the early 80’s, the new wondrous technology called a VCR was born. The VCR allowed people who didn’t have access to theaters to view movies. In Africa, this new technology birthed a whole bootleg industry. Entrepreneurs traveled from village to village, lugging a VCR, a television, a generator and a suitcase full of cassette tapes. These makeshift screenings were extremely lucrative and all the rage. The screeners would hire local painters to make movie posters to let the village know what was on the playbill.

The posters were almost always oil on canvas flour sacks. Alas, by the 90’s, electricity and television started becoming common in the country and the bootleg screenings and their associated posters fell to a trickle. Now the posters a highly sought after collectors pieces, and rightly so. I would hang the House Party oil painting bellow over anything you can find in Soho any day.

-R.E. Brown

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