Our Girl Is Going For The Gold

Delilah's Den Diamond G-String Awards

The Diamond G-String Awards

We don’t make any qualms about our unabashed love for naked girls. If you are so uptight that seeing a beautiful girl swing on a pole offends you, you probably aren’t on this site anyway. Well tonight is the Philadelphia’s world famous Delilah’s Den, 9th Annual Diamond G-String Awards. The best exotic dancers on the east coast are going to be competing for a $10,0000 cash prize. The host this year is comedian Bret Earnst, which may or may not be a step above Danny Bonaduce last year or Ron Jeremy the year before.

Our own Lil’ Steph will be performing to night. The Bravissimo Burlesque ring leader and Swellco & Swellco regular is possibly one of the sexiest pixies you will ever see covered in glitter and glamour. Helen Harper, Uncle Wheat Toast, Helvis Presley and other Philly staff are planning on attending to cheer her on.

If you aren’t in Philly, or can’t make it, here are some pics of our darling lady.

To see more of Lil’ Steph, check out her site and .f you want to come to get in on the fun, check out more details in our Philly event section.

-R.E. Brown


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