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Death by Party | Casting Shadows Limited Edition Vinyl Toy By Coarse

At some point, the term “Toy” needs to be dropped from the genre of Designer Vinyl Toys.  The connotation is that of plastic detritus scattered across the floor of a day care center. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a limited edition “toy” by Coarse, you have in your possession, a master crafted,  beautiful sculpture.

There is a lot going on with Coarse right now.  Artists Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk just released their new Casting Shadows set, effectively a sculptural art installation in a box. The box itself and the accompanying description is every bit as elegant as the sculptures inside. I would give details and cost on this set, but they usually sell out within a week of release. This is no exception.

“Slide open the heavy hand crafted cardboard box by pulling at the woven ‘noop’ and ‘nism’ tags. Uncover the box contents — two vinyl figures, the longing nism [4”] and huddled noop [7”]. Set up the fabric paw! kite, and let the noop hold the string tight in his hand. The paw! kite will float high in the sky [14”], casting his shadow onto the two torn friends. A set of c-o-a-r-s-e type leaves complete this scenery, full of desperation.”

They also finished up a major gallery exhibit entitled “Shadows over Paradise” at the Paradise Gallery in Taipei Taiwan. The most time I’ve ever spent in Taipei was 10 minutes sprinting through the airport to catch a connection. But it’s starting to rival Tokyo & Hong Kong as a major hub for Designer Toy Art and I would love to spend some time there. I’ve included some pics off their site of both the show and the Switch To Fall variant of the Casting Shadows set.

Visit the site and bow in awe

-R.E. Brown

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