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The Staff obsession with Blonde Zombies continues, as does my own personal growing obsession with crazy cover art. Here are two sets one from the Italian Kung  Fu action porno series Bruce Seex and another set from the Spanish Magnum Sex.

A couple of months ago Marcus submitted another Blonde Zombie set called Super Sex. In the post, he scratched his head and acted amazed that Super Sex was a “live action porno comic.” Since we are featuring another Blonde Zombie post, and since we are on the topic of crazy European comic cover art, I want to school Marcus on something.

In the 1970’s photo comics were popular. Not just for adult x rated stuff. They never really took off in the U.S. but they were huge in Italy (called Fotoromanzi) and very big in Spain & South America (called Fotonovels.)  Films like Grease, Rocky and even the original Star Trek series were all released as photo comics with actual film stills as panels

Super Sex is a prime example of Fotoromanzi, Magnum Sex & Bruce Seex however are your good old fashioned dirty comics. Now that I have fulfilled my role as educator, I am off to eat a bagel and let you enjoy these crazy fucking covers.

You can never go wrong with Blonde Zombies

-Annette Garcia

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