Featured Podcast: 40 Oz. Nonsense #9

Death by Party | Rock n’ Roll will never die

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01. The Beer Drinking Fools- Drinkin’ 40’s On the Subway

02. Los Dryheavers- Drink To Get Fucked Up

03. The Beat Rats-The Beat Rats’ Theme

04. The Fucking Eagles- Stop and Think It Over

05. The Carpet Sellers- Stop

06. The Dirtbombs- King’s Lead Hat

07. The Pornostuntman- Don’t Let Me Down

08. The Clone Defects- Stray Boy

09. The Fury…Heat!- Kiler Nocturne In San Pedro

10. The Agenda!- Last Chance For Action!

11. The Hex Dispensers- Taxidermy Porno

12. The Uprisers- Nine To Five

13. Kill City Creeps- I Got A Letter

14. The Porch Ghouls- Girl On the Road (Ford Fairlane)

15. The Impacts- Wipe Out

16. The Dead Ringers- I Want Out

17. The Scrags- TV Messed Up Mind

18. Mudhoney- Shoot the Moon

19. Brimstone Howl- Final Dispatch

20. The Boardwalkers- It’s A Bikini World

21. The Wild Cherries- Baby Baby

22. The Manxx- Luck

23. The Sedatives- Suspicious Minds

24. Thee Witch Hazel Martinis- Ain’t Dead Yet

25. DOSE-40 Oz. Nonsense” theme

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