I Wasted My Day Bubbling (Moromon Porn)

The subtle beauty of Mormon Porn

I do believe I have sank into an all time low in tedious time killing. I found myself bubbling all day. Are you unfamiliar with this G rated erotica?  Bubbling, or “mormon porn” is a photo shop technique that tricks the mind into believing you are looking at a naked person, when in fact, you are not.

First you take a skimpily clad woman (or man) and cover them with a color fill layer. Then you slowly delete out circles anywhere that their bare flesh is exposed. The result, if done well, is a photo that really does make your imagination go wild.

I have no idea why I found myself doing it. But I bubbled 15 photos today. Unfortunately my shitty copy of Photoshop crashed and I lost the whole thing. So in lieu of my own contribution to clean smut, bellow are some samples I thieved off the web.

If this doesn’t leave you hot and bothered, here is a whole site dedicated to G rated smut. Me, I think I can find stuff a little more suiting my jaded taste.

– Jimi Jam


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