The Six Best Worst Rap Videos Ever Made

Death by Party | Viral means there is no tomorrow

Five days ago, we came across the My Vagina Aint Handicapped Freestyle.  We were all very amused. We posted the video on our FB page and I thought, I need to do an actual blog post about this. Well I got backed up with some stuff but finally got around to writing about it.

I get an email from R.E. Brown saying, “this is kinda old news, isn’t it?” It had been less than a week for fuck sake. But he was kinda right. Within that week, the video was everywhere. We really are a global village. There are billions of people on the planet and word spreads faster than a town crier in a village of 200.

Well, maybe this really is soooo last week, but we loves bad rap/surreal rap, so I’m going to risk looking passé and post it along with some other classic little ditties.

– Jimi Jam


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