I Demand A Trouble Boys Squadt Lottery

Death by Party | Trouble Boys Squadts By Ferg & Brandt Peters

I’ve been feeling like a frustrated spoiled little kid for months and months. I’m not a rich girl, and I don’t go blowing my paycheck on cloths the way most girls do. (well, not quite the way some girls do.) But designer toys are my weakness, and Trouble Boy Squadts are my obsession and a frustrating one.

The Trouble Boy Squadts are a  colaborative project by super dope designers Ferg & Brandt Peters, backed by Jamungo. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these suckers for forever, but with limited editions of 200-250 finding one is like winning the lottery. Alas, I shall continue my eternal search and hopes that someday, I will flex my purchasing power at just the right moment.

Check out all the stuff you will probably never have the chance to buy at their site.

-Annette Garcia

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