Would You Fuck me? I’d Fuck Me

Death by Party | Tonetta The Nightmare Superstar

The masterfully creepy Tonetta has been on our radar for some time. Along with other Psycho geniuses like Wendy Vanity & the late Shaye Saint John, we have been sprinkling Tonetta videos through our posts. unlike Wendy Vanity & Shaye Saint John, Tonetta has never gotten his own write up by us. He’s starting to get a lot of play, so we are biting at the chomp to claim him as our own.

Tonetta is… prolific to say the least. He makes dozens and dozens of songs and then does a strange (possibly) drug induced dance and mismatched lip sync to them. Some times he’s in drag, some times in face paint Always scary as fuck.

My personal favorites are the blank scary doll mask category. They really scream, “I want to drug you and wear your skin to prom.” He refers to himself as a comedian.

You are welcome.

-R.E. Brown

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