Taiwan’s Toilet Themed Restaurant Chain

modern toilet restaurant

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If it wasn’t for Asia, companies like Swellco & Swellco would have to struggle. Japan is a major source for our cross cultural mental short circuiting, but other countries do their part to make western brains shut down.

Modern Toilet, a theme restaurant chain in Taipei, Taiwan is an absolute WTF winner. This place officially knocks the Hell Pizza chain in New Zealand off the top of “places that could never exist in the States” list.

Yes, Modern Toilet is a shit bowl themed restaurant.  You sit on a toilet at a glass covered tub in a place decorated in the latest in restroom decor. You eat out of mini urinals & toilet bowls, you wipe your mouth with ass wipe paper,  The rice bowl lids are shaped like shit. Desert? Soft serve of course.

What amazes me the most about about Modern Toilet is that, like Hells Pizza, they are a corporate endeavor with 12 locations across the island.  This really redefines “crappy chain restaurant”

Their website is hi-larious

-R.E. Brown

It just occurred to me, this would be a great place to serve the Japanese Fecal Meat

Photos courtesy of http://funfever.blogspot.com

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