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Death by Party | Suckadelic Action Figure Remixes


I have become obsessed with Suckadelic, and if you are half as cool as me, you probably will be too.

Suckadelic is an underground toy bootlegger operation that also releases illicit remix records. Operated by the mysterious SUCKLORD of CHINATOWN, Suckadelic redefines nerdy fanboy interests into some of the dopest cutting edge art you can find.

You know those irritating toy collectors whose apartments look like Toys R Us because they won’t open the packages and then they get herpes from cheating with your best friend and stick you with the lease when they move back home because they lost their job serving brunch at that hipster bar? Well Suckadelic takes that toy packaging  aesthetic to create real art that is never intended to be opened.

Sucklord first got some notice with his unlicensed Star Wars Brakebeats album and the Gay Empire: Homo-Trooper figure. Although my personal favorites are Another Bitch You Don’t Get to Fuck & China Town Warrior. They just release an amazing series of Shit Bin Rejects which are basically mashups of their already unlicensed mashups. I will try and post more on that in a week or so.

In the meantime, be sure to check out their pilot episode of Toy Lords of Chinatown bellow and then be sure to check out their site

-Felicia Jackson

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