What Do You Think The C Stands For?

Death by Party | The C String

Like many others, I’m constantly on the lookout for anything that will assist me as I claw my way to the top of Mt. Fabulosity.  While researching the VaJazzle (more to come on that gem- no pun intended) I came across a lovely little number called the C-String.

Um, WOW.  I, for one, cannot wait to try this amazing little number.  It looks absolutely astounding- and I’m toying with the idea of attaching a front flap so I’ll have a pocket for a subway token or some lipgloss.  I find it mesmerizing…  almost magical.  It floats majestically over the labia, like perfectly groomed satin pubes glossed over with a new coat of Manic Panic.  I’m envisioning a gardenia print with a red lining embellished with a Gucci logo, to match my shoes.  Oh~ how astounding!!!!

If anyone’s interested in a fashion show, I’ll challenge you to a duel.

C U Next Tuesday,

-Helen Harper

Oooooh, right, it’s the shape.

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