Rick James Is Alive And Well

Rick James is a Super Freak

Death by Party | The King of Cocaine

Last night I had the most amazing street person moment waiting on the A. There was a crack head dancing around the station hustling change. He was an old black guy wearing a bad braided wig and a dirty g string. He kept screaming “I ain’t dead, I’m Rick James bitch, the king of cocaine.” Aside from wishing that catch phrase would die, his presentation was really flawless in that WTF, creepy street person sort of way.

As I started my journey to Brooklyn, I started to wonder if Rick James faked his death and I really had just seen the King of Cocaine. I felt a little panicked at this possible opportunity I had missed.

On my way home I listened to Super Freak on my ipod, it was the only song I have of his. But that’s about to change.

-Felicia Jackson

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