The Unreality Of The Rape Fear Fantamask

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My biggest nightmare would be raping a pet and having to go to court over it.  I’m not into bestiality and I’m not into rape; I don’t even have a pet, that’s why this horrifies me.  It has every element of a nightmare; uncertainty, specified hatred, and fear.  This nightmare bears the persecution of my peers for a crime that I know I didn’t commit and would never commit.

Imagine going to a jury of your closest friends having them convict you of hate-fucking your pet-rabbit.  Let alone wanting to hate-fuck a rabbit, who the hell keeps rabbits for pets these days anyways?  Fat widows that keep a non-human relict of the useless alcoholic husband that knocked her up with three children and passed-away before they got to grade school?  Or perverts that want something to stuff their chafed dick into?  Neither represents my life.

If I had to pick my own Rape Fear Fantamask fantasy I’d probably opt for having a bunch of topless girls feeding me unseeded cherries in the back of a pick -up truck.  I’d make sure my favorite hillbilly music was playing while my best friends were driving the car and getting blowjobs.  And right before it was set to drive off a cliff I’d wake up in a pool of cocaine.  At least I wouldn’t be miserable in the end either way.  Nightmares are for weak suckers.  You can make anything good out of a bad dream.

By Lou Cervantes

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