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Penelope Black Diamond

Death by Party | The Exaggerated Sex Of Penelope Black Diamond

Our writers get on tangents. Lately it’s been monster body parts- FUPAs, Bionic Pussies and Mr. Justin Bieber Penis Head. Now the Justin Bieber Penis Head post was also about crazy key words that pop up on our site. I’m going to tie all these posts together with a heated debate that happened last year when the staff was debating the comparison of giant boob fetish porn stars to sideshow performers. (We love both.)

A key word that’s been coming up consistently is the name Penelope Black Diamond. We get about 6 hits a day from that name. Being too lazy to actually research it, we always thought it odd. Finally I looked into it and Penelope was one of the girls we used in the post that sparked the big debate.

I risk reigniting a 6 post argument again, especially with the female staff members who, like most women, have strong feelings about women who have surgery to get monster boobs. But I’m going to be honest, I really find Miss Black Diamond intriguing. As Kevin pointed out with the Gina Lynn post, these women are sex industry WORKERS, sexuality is their business. Even more than Gina Lynn, Penelope Black Diamond is literally distilling herself down to the parts that make her feminine. Talon like like finger and toe nails, extremely long hair, multiple giant gauge labia piercing that stretch and exaggerate her pussy, and those monstrous, monstrous breasts.

For some reason I just can’t look away…

Be sure to check out her site

– Jimi Jam

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