The Soundtrack To Psychosis

Death by Party | Orquesta Ti­pica De Fernandez Fierro

Granted, a few years ago if you would’ve asked me my opinion about Tango music I would have returned a quizzical look accompanied by a comment about the made-for-the-masses tv show “dancing with the stars”. But since spending a good amount of time living in Buenos Aires in addition to my experience with the organizing the world-wide great wrath parties and in particular our Argentine faction’s event, I’ve come to a deep appreciation for the music born in the whorehouses of South America.

Listening to Tango, particularly darker tango like that played by tattooed, dread-locked, Orquesta Ti­pica de Fernandez Fierro, is like listening to someone experience a psychotic episode. I think you’ll get the point by just watching a few videos. Check out OTFF when you get a chance.

-Mr. Blaek


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