Megan Massacre: Guess We Were Asleep On This One

Megan Massacre naked

Death by Party | NY Ink super pixie

If the staff  wasn’t so busy masturbating to furry sex and sniffing glue, we would probably beat everyone to the punch in the whole world of what’s hot and what’s not all the time.

Case in point- Megan Massacre. Our darling super star resident hottie Louise isn’t really named Louise, it’s her burlesque stage name dating back to when she was in the Peek a Boo Revue. Her real name is Meagan. (The extra A is for aggravate, as in it is fun to watch Meagan aggravate R.E. Brown) Last year our Louise/Meagan was going to change her name only to find the name she wanted was taken by another Philadelphia hottie model who is also a tattoo artist.

We vowed to sign her on to S&S with plans to get her naked in front of the camera. But guess what, we are drunk, A LOT and it never happened.

Now Philadelphia’s own Megan Massacre has moved to NYC to be on the Discovery Channel reality show NY Ink. I don’t think we’ll be getting her naked anytime soon. We’re a dollar late and a day short.

-Marcus Aubrey

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