Shitty Album Covers And The Importance Of Good Marketing

The Importance of Good Marketing in MusicThe Importance of Good Marketing in Music

Death by Party | Make the ladies swoon

As MP3’s dissolve the need for music in physical form, even the vinyl fetishists are starting to die out. Obviously it’s a real shame, some of the most interesting art in the last century came from album covers. An album’s art work was important. You needed to seduce and entice the consumer asset into noticing your record in a sea of other beautiful, sexy bits of art.

I remember being a little kid running through the record stores with my friend Pervis. We used to pour cream corn down our pants before we would go in. Then we would flex our butt cheeks and  pinch each others nipples while checking out old Diana Ross & Captain Beefheart Covers. I still achieve wood this way.

So here is my tribute to some great, classic bits of masterful pop art that really exemplify the whole genre of excellence and personal, physical arousal.

-Uncle Wheat Toast

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