I <3 Nyan Cat

Death by Party | Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya

Oh, Nyan Cat, my sweet little pop tart.  Look what you’ve done to me. You have completely incapacitated me with your neverending cuteness. Ever since PRguitarman rescued you – from roaming the universe while happily, yet mindlessly, pooping rainbows – and delivered you to the world of the internets several months ago, I have been obsessed. Immediately downloaded NyanCat wallpaper for my laptop, downloaded sheet music for the song to learn on the piano, decided to name my first born (son or daughter) after you… I’m still hooked. There is even a glimmer of hope that the boys may some day let me get a cat of my own at the studio, with the promise, of course, of making it into a poptart purely for my own selfish amusement.

The irresistible 8-bit allure of Nyan Cat has touched many, resulting in some pretty amazing fan art, cosplay, jewelry, accessories (I squealed when I first saw the Nyan Cat Scarf), and several online games. My favorite game is right HERE. My favorite fan art (to date) is below, as well as my favorite real life pop tart cat. Can’t. Go. On. Too. Fucking. Cute.  Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!

-Louise LaTease

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