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bar table human furniture dzmitry samal

Death by Party | Human Furniture By Dzmitry Saval

I’m not that into slick modernist design furniture as a rule, but Dzmitry Saval’s Human Furniture series makes my mouth water. I don’t know if it’s the thought of having such original trippy furniture or the firm and supple obsidian muscle boy ass that makes me stop & stare.

The furniture reminds me of the Korova Milk Bar furniture in A Clock Work Orange, albeit darker and more functional.

Alas, these photos are just prototypes. The internationally acclaimed Bellarussian designer has yet to find investors to make these beauties real. I hope he hurries up and gets them made, so I can hurry up and not be able to afford them.

-Felicia Jackson

Be sure to check out his site here


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