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Ho Chi Minh Bust

Death by Party | Ho Chi Minh Bust By Frank Kozik

My friend Ben out in Chicago scored a Ho Chi Minh Bust by Frank Kozik, signed and numbered. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. He sent me photos to gloat, but I’m not going to post them because Ben is a total shit sniveler who can go eat a bag of dicks. I believe he bought this simply because he knows I want one and can’t afford it right now.

Instead I want to share a little story about Ben.* When we were 17 we were at a party and he passed out cold and peed his pants. A group of us took it upon ourselves to write the words “Will suck for cock” on his forehead and drew multiple cocks on his face aiming for his mouth. I know, I know, pretty fucking juvenile but we were just kids. Seriously.

Anyway, he woke up for a while and stumbled back into the party. This girl Ashley that he wanted to hook up with was there and he tried to move in for the kill. He was sloppy drunk and tried to put the moves on Ashley, completely unaware that he pissed himself. No one would tell him what he looked like, or that he was drinking a beer with a cigarette butt in it.  Ashley and everyone fell down laughing and he got so pissed that he stumbled down the street and got on a train and went home.

Ben never acknowledged what happened when we saw him the next day. All we’ve ever been ablt to get out of him, years later, was that it was a very interesting ride. Bet it was buddy, enjoy that Kozik Bust.

Be sure to stop by the Kozik site and try and get one so that you can be as cool as Ben.

-Kevin Dalton

*Death by Party does not endorse binge drinking and encourages readers to drink responsibly.

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