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Death by Party | Eyevolve Clothing

We make no secret that we are based in Filthadelphia, so it only makes sense that one of the brands we plan to feature is at the top of our most wanted list is home-grown, as well as amazing. I came across Eyevolve last summer when I was wandering through a First Friday, the day before I left for an extended trip to Asia. For those not from Philly, First Friday is the opening night in the gallery district of Olde City. It is renowned for large crowds, shitty fine art inside, and really cool street vendor art outside. The staff of Eyevolve – surly designer John Ireland and his blonde hottie girlfriend were working a vendor table. I was BLOWN AWAY and bought two shirts on the spot.

While I was away, Mr. Black had been busy recruiting models and performers. I arrived back just in time for the City Paper Cover Story interview and he had some of the new talent waiting for me to meet… I walked in and there was RAF Sparkennoodle and John Ireland sitting on the couch.

Eyevolve, it was certainly meant to be.

Go to their site and buy shit

-R.E. Brown


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