Creepy Chan VS The Warlord Humungus

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So, a few weeks ago, Tonto Por La Vida posted a Creepy Chan video at the bottom of one of his posts. This re-sparked my absolute obsession with her.

For those of you who live in gimp closet, Creepy Chan is a web famous model who came to power by posting dozens of… creepy photos of her self on 4chan. The huge eyed, nose bleed obsessed teen was pretty much a strange anonymous meme until she surfaced as Allison Harvard, a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Not only did she creep the fuck out of the whole country on that show, but she came in second place that year. (WTF goes mainstream)

I went to Brown & Black and asked them to please, please do an interview with her. Well I guess they tried. Brown claims two emails and a tweet and she didn’t respond. I’ve been heartbroken.

This internal suffering must have pierced down to my soul because last week I had a truly disturbing dream. I officiated an epic battle between the Warlord Humungus from the Road Warrior and Allison. It was the craziest fight you could imagine. Hockey mask vs nose bleeds… it was too much for words. Of course it was a draw that turned into a creepy make-out session. (When Humungus took off his mask, he had Megan Fox’s head, so it was really kinda hot to watch. I think)

Anyway, I’m off to my therapy session, wish me luck.

Be sure to check out her art portfolio

-Marcus Aubrey

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