My Little Pony Gone Gangsta

Lil Wayne as My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle

Death by Party | Brony Thugs: But why?

The Pony thing.

Louise LaTease‘s ongoing obsession with ‘My Little Pony’ is acceptable.
The childhood girly thing in conjunction with the lure of nostalgia, perfectly understandable.

But her last post describing how the “strongest demographic of [the cartoon’s] viewers is comprised of men, ages 20-40”, I thought ridiculous. Nonetheless, apparently according to various sources there seems to be something attracting dudes to this tv show. Not to mention, Louise’s Pony Posts seem to draw an inordinate amount of traffic from our mostly male demographic. Trying to get to the bottom of this, I asked her and our intern Jack Limb (also a ‘brony’), to explain this phenomenon. Below is their collective graphical response, which after viewing, I still don’t quite get.

“Ponies is Gangsta.” – Jack

-Marcus Aubrey

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