An Act Of Punishment And Reward

Death by Party | Bangs: Take U To Da Movies

On the Youtube page, someone wrote the comment. “I brush my teeth to this shit.” I think that’s the best way to describe what has happened to me since I viewed this.

Three weeks ago, a friend posted this Bangs video on her FB page, I pressed play.  It has been stuck in my head since then. I am losing my mind. But it’s partly my fault. I keep coming back and watching it… over and over and over. I want to laugh at the intensity of the ghetto fabulousness and the unusual politeness of the lyrics (This is some Fresh Prince Mom-Approved shit) but I don’t. I want to hate it, I want it out of my head, but like Pringles or crack, I just keep coming back for more.

If you’re already familiar with Take U To Da Movies, you probably know better than to hit play, but you probably did anyway. If you haven’t heard it, you will feel compelled to even though I warned you and now it’s too late.

To easy the wonderful horrible nightmare joy that is this Bangs video, I’ve included a girlie photo collection by Smutlife. It will distract you from that beat… for a moment.

– Jimi Jam


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