Why? Because White Trash Hip Hop That’s Why

Yelawolf: Whiteboy In The Goldielocks Zone

All rappers seek the holy grail that is “street cred” it’s the gold they all seek to line their teeth with. But white boys always have a hard time of it. There’s really only a couple of examples in the entire history of the genre.

The Beastie Boys succeeded in getting their cred by not trying to get into the club, or as Chuck D once said “the Beastie Boys are alright because they’re white boys rappin’ about white boy shit.”  Then there was Vanilla Ice and, well, you know… Fast forward years and years to Eminem. He can rap, and he isn’t trying too hard. The only white boy rapper to ever achieve commercial success while being embraced by the hip hop community. (Some would argue this)

Right now there are three contenders poised to eat from Eminem’s bowl of porridge.  Mickey Avalon, the sleazy hollywood glam rapper is garnering a huge cult following but his bisexual hipster vibe is going to keep him from mainstream success. On the flip side you’ve got Lil’ Wyte, who’s dirty southern sound makes him sound so ghetto that you can’t distinguish him from Three 6 Mafia. The hip hop community never fully embraces a caucasian trying too hard to be brotha.

Then you have Yelawolf, the white trash skate rat. Yelawolf is poised right in Eminem’s Goldilocks zone. Talent and credibility? The fact that Eminem himself has signed Yelawolf and taken him under his wing is a pretty good sign that you’ll be hearing a lot about him this year.  Still doubting me? Listen for yourself.

– Jimi Jam




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