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Death by Party | The Toy Box

Now it’s time for some good old American grindhouse. And not just any old American grindhouse. I was on the lookout for something really unusual as…usual and I found it in spades with The Toy Box. What the hell did I just watch here!?

OK, The story as near as I can figure out involves a bunch of hippies who gather once a year at some remote castle to perform “tricks” for a mysterious old man called Uncle. This year is a little different because uncle claims to be dead and this years party is his wake. The tricks in question are various sexual scenarios, little skits the hippies have worked out to entertain uncle and he pays them with a gift from “The Toy Box” Still unclear as to what that is. I think one girl pulled out a pile of money, but that seems kind of predictable and uninteresting. Maybe the gift depends on the person choosing it. It’s all very unclear. So while the hippies are waiting to do their bit for uncle, naturally, they have an orgy, and are completely oblivious to the horror unfolding around them. Even as decapitated heads drop from the sky. But our intrepid heros Ralph and Donna know that something is amiss and head off to find out what is going on. Everything gets turned upside down and soon


Ralph finds out that Donna is really uncle, the castle is a spaceship and she has been collecting humans to send off to her home planet where her people consume human brains when they are sexually aroused in order to get high…or something…

-DJ Capybara Vancouver

The Toy Box

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