The Spy Who Fucked Me

Death by Party | Super Sex: Vintage Smut Photo Comics

Here is another major score I found sniffing around our favorite site, Blonde Zombies. A whole spread of bad ass Super Sex Magazine covers. Back in the day porn  was shown in movie theaters. The directors saw themselves as movie makers, albeit really bad, coked up movie makers. The smut needed to had a plot. The Italian smut mag Super Sex took that “erotic entertainment” attitude and moved it to publishing.

Super Sex was a live action, photo comic about spies who kicked ass in between getting ass. Complete with “wham” “pow” action and dialog in comic book bubbles. The results are some of the coolest, strangest perv art you will ever see. I’m going to post some spreads of actual pages later. But in the mean time vibe on these covers. Truly amazing.

Again, be sure to check out more Blonde Zombies after you’re done.

-Marcus Aubrey

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