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NYC Death Metal Grind band: Malignancy

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In my opinion, a lot of great things come from New York. The band Malignancy happens to be one of them. Hailing from Yonkers, this technical death metal grind band shreds all ear pussies. Many people might see me using the term “ear pussies” and not know what it means, but then I would just say that they must all be fucking idiots. Some people like soft, soothing music, other people like to set their sleep timers to the sounds of whales in the ocean. I, on the other hand, like to start my day off with a daily dose of metal, and there is no question that these boys do just that. Founded by Danny Nelson and Javier Velez in 1992, they continue to deliver and shape the very fabric we know today as metal. (For a video of Malignancy when they first came on to the scene, click here.) The technical term “Death Metal Grind” might be a mouthful, and seem a little excessive to some, but I believe this band is nothing short of amazing. And they are just exactly that.

Here’s the band breakdown:

Danny Nelson- Vocals
Ron Kachnic- Guitar
Mike Heller- Drums
Rog Beaujard- Bassi

I don’t remember exactly when I first met Danny; all I remember is that that I loved him from the very first moment we were introduced. He is just a friendly guy, always with something interesting to say. I happened to bug him about an interview, to which he happily obliged, and it went something like this:

Rogizoid Shatterz Smith: How did you come about “Malignancy” as the band name? I personally love it for its diversity in the midst of all the crazy band names you hear these days.

Danny Nelson: The band’s name was thanks to my uncle back in 1992; we originally went by the name “Carcinogen.” Malignancy is a better fit because of the mutated nature of our song writing and lyrical content.

RSS: Whats the shittiest place you ever had to stop and eat at on tour?

DN: Well… not the shittiest place we ever ate, the shittiest place to shit. It was in Italy, at a truck stop and say hello to the the lovely hole in the floor for your poop. Needless to say, we did not indulge the poopie portal.

RSS: Who is usually the first one to pass out?

DN: I cannot answer that question because we do not throw our fellow band members under the bus. 🙂

RSS: At what point did you guys realize that you actually had something going as a band?

DN: When we recorded our first demo Eaten Out From Within in 1993. It sold pretty well locally and helped us establish ourselves. It was a far cry from what we do now, but at the time it was good.

RSS: Music Influences?

DN: Thrash, rock, blues, jazz, folk, you name it. I think we got something from all genres at one time or another.

RSS: Any side-projects in the works?

DN: Presently Mike has another band, “System Divide” on Metal Blade Records, and he also whores himself out as a drummer for hire. Ron is working on an acoustic band and looking for members to round out the roster. Roger and I have alien porn grind project called “Prosthetic Cunt.” Roger is also still in “Mortician” and “Primitive Brutality.”

RSS: Question for Mike Heller- How long have you been playing drums? I do believe you were attending a school in New York, which one of my friends also attends. Are you still in school and do you believe there is much more for you to learn?

MH: I’ve been playing drums since 1994, but never really took it seriously until many years later, and pretty much never had any idea HOW to take it seriously until around 2005 or so.  At that point, I began to understand what it meant to be a musician, and focused my efforts on practicing properly.  I did attend the Drummer’s Collective in New York City for two years, and it was an incredible experience.  I am not currently in school, but I believe that there is ALWAYS so much more to learn.  I wish I had the money to continue to study at the Collective so I could focus more on my latin-jazz, and traditional-jazz playing,  I don’t think that will happen anytime soon… so I have to continue to study on my own for now.  I think that putting my efforts towards being a well-rounded drummer is the most rewarding pursuit I’ve ever encountered.  I don’t think I’ll EVER feel like I have learned enough… there is always more to learn, and so much more to experience!  Thanks!

RSS: There always has to be one ladies’ man in a band. Who gets the most bitches?

DN: Well… I am the only single gent in the band now, so that would be me. Oh wait it was always me! Hahahaha! Indeed.

RSS: When did you join Willowtip Records, and how did all of that start?

DN: We signed to Willowtip, I believe, in 2006 and Inhuman Grotesqueries followed in 2007. The label contacted us asking if we wanted to join, we obviously said yes.

RSS:. With all of the crazy things going on, what’s your opinion on where the world is heading?

DN: It is hard to say. The human race has been teetering to and fro for centuries. The end of the Mayan calendar and many other ancient civilizations calendars is a bit unsettling… but what can we do? Look forward to it, mark it on your calendar and make sure you are banging during the galactic alignment.

RSS: If you could necromance any musical icon from the dead who would it be and why?

DN: Bruce Lee! Seriously though, for me it would have to Dawn Crosby. She has an awesome voice and I would have loved to see what she would be doing now.

RSS: Question for Roger J Beaujard- I see you have a new or newer bass player. This one is for Roger, when did you join the band? How were you approached (if approached at all)? What inspired you to pick up the bass instead of another instrument?

RJB: I actually used to be in Malignancy in the early days, but on drums, prior to 2005. I re-joined the band at the beginning of 2010 when I Danny had mentioned to me that Lance might not be working with them anymore. I offered my services and am really glad to be back jamming with my friends. I’ve played bass just about as long as I’ve been playing guitar but I never really focused on it as a primary instrument until now. I am enjoying it immensely mainly because it is a new challenge for me playing exclusively without a pick and because Ron wrote some really great stuff for this new release. I think it is his best work to date, I’m thrilled to be a part of it and I look forward to writing some material with him on the next one.

RSS: Whats your take on people who download music for free?

DN: I say it blows… but I have done that myself, too. I usually download a record that I already have on LP or cassette, or a new album that I want to hear before I buy it.

RSS: Whats your favorite song to play live? You know, that song that really makes all the headbangers lose their minds?

DN: Well the song that makes our fans go nuts is “Rotten Seed,” but we all have our personal faves. We can play a show in the US and fans go ape shit to that song, and then we play Europe and they go ape shit for the whole set.

RSS: Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell, Your Mom- You have to fuck one, kill one and date one……okay.,GO!

DN: Rosie DEAD, Oprah BANG… and date my Mom.

RSS: Motivated By Hunger is one my all time favorite albums by you guys. Any specific motivational forces behind the making of this album, or were you really just that fucking hungry?

DN: Motivated was our followup to Intrauterine Cannibalism and shows where we were going with the music. Intra was just a collection of our old material. Motivated was our balls out, slap your girlfriend’s face elbow drop to the esophagus CD.

RSS: Question for Ron Kachnic- What other styles of music are into while playing guitar? Classical, jazz or are you just straight up a metal all the way?

RK: I am into jazz, blues, classical, progressive, rock and metal while playing the guitar… I am also influenced by the vocals on old motown and r&b albums. I sometimes try to mimic vocalists in my style so it sounds like the guitar is singing as well… cheers!!

RSS: What is the most disturbing, nastiest, absolutely disgusting thing you’ve ever seen on the internet? Haha… this one has got to be tough since the internet is filled with a buttload of grossness.

DN: Yes the internet is chuck full of the things that make us filth. The one thing that disturbed me the most was the video of those teenage kids torturing a bum after they hit him with their car. It’s amazing how dysfunctional and desensitized we all have become. When I was a teenager, we were chasing chicks trying to get a BJ, not murdering bums for fun.

RSS: At shows or everyday life, have you ever had a fan that has gone too far? Like start a drunken fight with you guys on stage, follow you home, send you nudes, mail you feces, even thrown a bloody tampon at you?

DN: Not really, our fan base is respectful of us and what we do. I have had to deal with a drunk here and there, but it usually never escalates to fisticuffs.

RSS: You guys know you have my undying affection forever and ever. Is there anything in 2011 that we, the fans, should be looking forward too?

DN: Thank you very much! We have been working for the past 2 years on our new album, Eugenics. It is just about completed, bass tracks are being written/recorded as I type this. It will be out later this year, most likely the fall.

RSS: Question for Danny Nelson- Take this as a compliment. I think your voice is hilarious and awesome and one of a kind and just so god damn raw. Many times I’ve been caught in the shower, with your music in the background trying to sing like you. Would you say that you are just naturally talented or that it is something you definitely had to work at? …Also what kind of shampoo do you use? Haha, I know, I’m a silly bitch.

DN: Thanks again! It took me a while to find my niche with this style, that’s for damn sure. I have my good and bad days. My voice keeps changing in little ways with every recording, so I would say it is a work in progress. I want to keep challenging myself and see what I can do. Perhaps there is some talent in there, it is not easy to growl like a creature and formulate words, or at least try to. A lot of peeps can do it but not all can do it well.

And there you have it. Ive got nothing left to say….They are simply rad!

-Rogizoid “Shatterz” Smith

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