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G.G. Allin Throbblehead

Death by Party | Punk Rock Bobbleheads By Aggronautix

I love bobbleheads, you love bobbleheads, everyone loves bobbleheads. I love punk rock, you love punk rock, everyone loves punk rock. It only makes sense to put them together. Thats exactly what a company called Aggronautix did with their Skullfuckers of Rock Throbblehead collection. The variety is wide going as far back as Roky Erickson and as recent as Andrew W.K. They cover a lot of ground with icons like G.G. and Wendy O. and nostalgia favorites like Milo.

I already know the dreaded R.E. is going to lecture me about doing a feature on ALL of these instead of focusing on just one, but shit man, how do you pick just ONE of these? These bobbleheads are like Pringles or Percocets, you can’t have just one.

Now go to their site and buy some throbble.

-Marcus Aubrey

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