Daddy, Can You Get Me The Desert Eagle Next?

Plush Leather Firearms By Doudoupop

Death by Party | Plush Leather Firearms By Doudoupop

I feel like everyone in the U.S. has at  least one or two gun totting rednecks in their family. (If you aren’t one yourself) I know I do, and mine are always screaming about freedom fries and making body odor jokes when you mention the French. Well I feel like there IS some common ground between Tea baggers and Snail eaters.

Toy artist James Lassey has released a new set of leather plush gun toys for the French design company Doudoupop. He’s adding a dope soft & cushy Famas and Desert Eagle to their fun loving AK-47, Luger, 9mm & AR-15 designs. In the past variants have included coin purses and hand bags as well these awesome play pillows, I’m sure they’ll do the same with these guys.

This Christmas my nieces and nephews are getting a couple of the AK-47s for the their bedrooms. I’ll be happy because I’m exposing them to functional art, their dad will be happy because they will be getting indoctrinated about the 2nd Amendment at the same time.

-Annette Garcia

Be sure to check out Lassey’s portfolio site

Or the Doudoupop site

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